Why Seasonal Spread And Option Strategy ?

Why Seasonal Spread and Option Strategy ?

1. Diversification and a low correlation with other programs

SSOS is a good opportunity for professional portfolios searching for diversification. SSOS boasts low correlation with other investment strategies and most indices.

2. Risk Management

For GPAM risk management is one of the most important elements of the strategy but we also focus on returns. We are continually adjusting our strategy in order to achieve an adequate risk return ratio.

3. Low margin to equity and easily accessible

Trading Spreads involves less margin, for this reason our strategy employs, on verage, just 10-15% of the margin available in an account. Our strategy is therefore accessible at a low minimum investment of $50k, which can be invested using a notional investment of just $25k due to the low margin to equity.

4. Special trading strategy (Spread Trading)

Seasonal spread trading with futures is a unique trading style. We focus on seasonality (plating, heating, driving, grilling season) to predict market moves. These moves tend to be cyclical and re-occur year on year.

The strategy is not directional, and we are trading futures, not options like most similar spread trading strategies.

5. Professional team

We have a deep knowledge of the markets that we trade and we use a fundamental methodology combined with strict management. We are always looking for new opportunities in these rapidly changing and volatile markets.

6. Seven years of positive track record

Since conception in 2009 our strategy has performed consistently with every year providing a positive return. As most of the products that we trade demonstrate cyclical performance, we are likely to have better and worse years but our goal will always be a median AROR of between 15 and 20%.

Thank you for your trust.


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