The Company & the Trader

Gregory P. Asset Management, LLC applied for CFTC registration and NFA membership as a CTA on April 27, 2012. The company was then approved as a CFTC registrant and NFA member on June 4, 2012 under NFA ID #44070. As of the date of this document Gregory Placsintar is the only individual at the firm with authority to trade on your behalf.

Gregory Placsintar is the Head Trader, Managing Member, and sole Principal of Gregory P. Asset Management, Gregory Placsintar is Hungarian and speaks Spanish, Romanian and English as well as his mother tongue Hungarian. He holds a Bachelor in Business Administration and the FINRA Series 3 license. Gregory has run GP Asset Management for the last eight years and has managed friends and family money for an even longer period of time. He is the Head Trader at his Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) GP Asset Management and developed its Seasonal Spread and Option strategy that utilizes a variety of spread techniques in the exchange traded commodity futures markets. All trading decisions are discretionary in nature but are driven by both fundamental and statistical indicators. Gregory is in a long term relationship and recently celebrated the birth of his first child, a daughter named Anna.

​For more information about the company and about the manager please do not hesitate to ask fot the Risk Disclusure Document (click here).​